We Couldn’t Do This Without Your Support


We Couldn’t Do This Without Your Support


We are so grateful for the support from all over the world!

Your generous gifts help us achieve our mission of centering the voices of Women of Color and paying them for their work and content. Your gifts also keep the majority of the 2015 Women’s Freedom Conference FREE to people around the globe.

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SheKnows.com is a site and a community that inspires and empowers women. Our SheKnows Experts team helps you speak to our audience of 80 million women a month.

Our incredible community of Experts includes bloggers and writers, superfans and credentialed professionals, entrepreneurs and everyday hand-raisers. What do they all have in common? A passion for their topic, the desire to share it and a GREAT voice.

Membership has its privileges: We throw awesome Expert parties and meetups, and offer editorial mentorship and collaboration like no other community out there.

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