Because the Women’s Freedom Conference is 100% digital, and the pre-recorded and live content will be streamed online, anyone with internet access can attend and participate in the conference.

On October 25, 2015, you will be able to log on and watch keynote speeches, join in on a live informational panel,  see amazing #FREEStyleChats from women all around the word, and take classes with women of color who are experts in their respective fields.

***REGISTRATION is NOW Open. (Please click here to read about our attendance options.)

We have ===>FREE registration<=== for all who would like to participate in the conference online. This free registration includes access to the keynote speeches, panel, and #FREEStyleChats. Register to receive updates about how to access the conference.

We have a limited number of webinar tickets available for those wishing to learn from Majora Carter and Dior Vargas. Don’t wait until the last minute because these classes are sure to be dynamic!

We have tickets available for our LIVE Keynote taking place in New York City on October 25, 2015 at The New School. This evening event will include participation by students of The New School, three LIVE #FREEStyleChats, and conference keynote speaker, Lourdes Hunter.


WFCTeeWe believe that women should be paid for their work. To that end, we are fundraising to provide our speakers/teachers/presenters with compensation for their time and content. We also need to cover the costs of the technology needed to run a completely digital conference.

No donation amount is too small. Please give to our crowdfunding account. 100% of monies raised go directly to the costs of running the conference and compensating the women involved.

We are also selling commemorative T-shirts and all of the proceeds will go directly to the women of color involved in the conference. Get yours today for only $25!!